TechnoSphere 1

Creates techno music

TechnoSphere is a software tool composed of professional programs you can use to create top grade techno music. The collection consists of six bank sets which contain over 50MB of material and 500 sounds.

The sound banks are ready to use in Drum, Bass, Rave, Techno, House, Industrial and other types of music. The six types of bank sets in TechnoSphere are: Kits+ Beats which consists of 12 complete original drum kits and license free drum loops, Kit+ Beats 2 has more drum sounds.

Analog shop has renditions of classic synthesizers like Roland, arp, Moog and more. The Synth Zone bank set includes several ambient textures and pads for soundscapes.

Sonic Mayhem has some unique sounds. There is the sound of a steel shovel dragged on concrete and more. The Bass-ment bank set includes many thumping and grooving bass sounds.

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